Transition process

Full Steam Ahead

  There isn’t much time between the election and inauguration...less than a month. We are moving forward with a plan; one that prepares Steuart’s administration to govern on December 3rd while allowing time to make thorough assessments of current programs and resources before making change. The transition will occur in two phases.

Phase I: Pre-Inauguration


Building the Team
Soliciting Community Input
Articulating the Vision

Steuart started to build his Transition Team with the announcement of Transition Team Co-Chairs and two key leadership positions. He and the Chief Administrative Officer are meeting with agency and department heads to ensure that there will be no lapse of service to citizens during the transition.

Transition Committees are being structured to focus on communities; to ensure all communities are empowered, healthy, safe, educated, thriving, and sustainable, which will be described in a forthcoming vision report.

The committee work will commence in December and they will need community input to inform their recommendations. Whether you live here, work here, or both, your input is critical. Please share your thoughts with us!

Phase II: Post-Inauguration


Assessing the System
Reviewing Recommendations
Completing the Budget

Phase two will include a more in-depth review of the needs of the county and the services we provide. Each committee will meet multiple times over the course of two to three months after inauguration and provide Steuart with a list of recommendations to help develop a final transition plan and report, which will be released to the public several weeks in advance of the FY 2020 budget.

We are confident that committees will ensure all voices are heard and that no one issue will dominate the agenda.  They will welcome diverse viewpoints and provide a balanced set of recommendations.