Steuart's Priorities

The communities of Anne Arundel County are many things, and the Pittman Administration will put communities first. The goal of the transition process was to create a government that supports every community and their citizens, to build better opportunities for everyone who calls the county home, and to offer a quality of life that is second to none.

Together, we will create


Empowered Communities


Healthy Communities


Safe Communities


Educated Communities


Thriving Communities


Sustainable Communities


A Responsive Government Committed to Transparency and Community Engagement

Building a transparent government that encourages community participation was a campaign promise. Steuart began listening to the concerns of citizens during the campaign and will continue to do so throughout his time in office.

Please send a message to Steuart and help his team identify what is already working in government and the best ways to change those things that need improvement.  You can contact him at